If you see a paper stuck to your wooden furniture, don’t try to scrap it with sharp object like knife. It’ll damage your furniture. Here are two methods to help you

145px Olive oil from Oneglia2 145x150 How to Remove Paper from Wooden Furniture

baby oil 155x216 0 150x150 How to Remove Paper from Wooden Furniture


1 … Get some salad oil or baby oil and pour it a few drops on the paper. Let it set for some time. Wipe it with soft cloth. Repeat it until the paper is completely removed.

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2 … Paint the paper with several coats of white vinegar. Let it soak in. Now gently scrape off.

Hope this will help. Share your method to remove paper from wooden furniture with us in comments.  



Untitled2 How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet Top Effortlessly

One of the tiresome jobs of housewives is to clean the kitchen’s cabinet top. It used to get yucky with dust infused with kitchen grease. What if we can manage to keep it clean without scrubbing ever? It is possible. Take old newspaper or paper shopping bag & cut it off the size of the top of the cabinet. Lay it on top & secure it with tape. Forget it for few months. When it gets dirty, replace it with fresh paper or newspaper. Your kitchen cabinet top get clean instantly.





How To Remove Nail Stains 300x223 How To Remove Nail Stains

If you are fond of wearing dark nail polish you might be facing the problem of stained nails. Don’t worry. Brush your nails with whitening toothpaste and nail brush and all stains will be gone. Admire your beautiful nails.



Happy Women’s Day

198 Happy Womens Day





Cottonballs1 300x294 How to Make Instant Fire Starters?


Are you planning to go on hiking or camping trips? After an exciting day, there is nothing like relaxing around campfire. But fire starting is not an easy task. Be prepared with instant fire starters. No need to purchase expansive fire starter. Dip Cotton pads in wax let them dry & your light weight instant fire starter is ready. You can easily carry it in your backpack.



 DSC 7460 300x200 How to Scrap Ice Effortlessly

If you hate scraping ice as much as I do here is the good news. Fill a spray bottle with 1/3 water and 2/3 vinegar. Your magic solution is ready. Spray on iced window & the ice will melt away. No need of scraping. If you have any other solutions do share with us.



green 19690 640 300x225 How To Refresh Soggy Lettuce

Want to make salad & oh…….lettuce is soggy. Don’t worry. Soak it in cold water with lemon juice & after sometime you’ll have crisp lettuce for dinner. To prevent lettuce from sagging, put it in zip log bag with paper towel. Paper towel will absorb the moisture & lettuce will be crisp.




Ohhhhhh … accidentally your glass fall & there is glass splinters everywhere. Situation is dangerous so what to do?

First of all make sure that no one comes near the spot. Now take your step carefully so not even a tiny piece of broken glass stuck to the bottom of your shoe & transferred to other parts of your house.

If it is broken on floor, sweep the area with broom & dustpan. Before sweeping, dust the floor lightly with baby powder or baking soda. The finest pieces of glass won’t get stuck on floor or broom. Now vacuum clean the floor. There is possibility that small strands of glass are there which you can’t see easily. Best solution is to take a piece of bread & pass it through the floor. The tiny pieces of glass will stick on it. Now put the bread with glass pieces in your sink & drain it off. If you don’t have bread in home, use wet cotton ball or paper towel.

Now shake the broom outside the home as there could still be glass splinters stuck to it. It is better if you discard the broom & buy a new one.




teddy day 101 300x232 Happy Teddy Day To All : )

Wishing Everyone A Great Happy Teddy Day icon smile Happy Teddy Day To All : )



SaltShaker 300x264 How to prevent Salt clogging

Salt is a good source of sodium and it is very much needed in our regular diet. But during rainy season, salt gets clogged due to absorption of moisture. Clogged salt is very irritating to everyone especially during food time.

But not to worry anymore, now you could say Bye Bye to salt clogging by putting few rice grains into the salt shaker. These grains will absorb moisture from the bottle and keeps it free flowing.

Do tell us whether it worked for you or not. And if you have any other tip, then pls share with us.

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