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dinner1 300x198 Too Salty Dish? Try Some Household Tips To Fix It
Dinner is ready, table is set, guests are coming shortly & you tasted the dish, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s too salty. Don’t panic. Try one of these quick fixes & serve your dinner with smile.

Dilute It

If you have time quickly make another batch of soup without salt & mix it with over salted one. If you don’t have that much time, open condensed soup can, mix with water & add to the soup. Or add ready to use broth to the dish to make it less salty.

You can use different liquids for different dishes.

More Ingredients

Add cooked rice, pasta, vegetables etc to the dish to give it a body & neutralize over saltiness.


Add some sugar especially if its tomato based recipe.


Tomato ketchup or canned pureed tomatoes can also do the trick.


Add a little lemon juice in slightly salty dish. Add little by little & test it to check the saltiness.


Add some milk in stew or soup for quick fix. Put small amount of unsalted butter to impart creaminess.

Potato Chunks

Peel some potato quickly & cut it in big chunks. Put it in soup or gravy, boil for some times till they look translucent, it’ll absorb some salty liquid, than discard it & add some liquid which will neutralize the salt further.

Mashed Potato

Add a little mashed potato in stew. It’ll make it thick, add some water & taste it. Hopefully your problem is solved.

Important Point to Be Remember

Always try to fix small amount of dish first. When you get the perfect solution, fix the whole dish.

Now it’s your turn. Share with us what worked for you.

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